Support systems for parents of gay and lesbian children

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When looking at the life of the Lord Jesus, we see the God-man to be many things for many people. His public ministry shows Him to be a teacher, healer, prophet, miracle worker and friend to the poor, needy, downtrodden, outcast and marginalized. Lepers, those possessed by demons, prostitutes, tax collectors, the blind and lame, those searching for the truth and all who were in need of healing found in Jesus someone who would walk with them through this journey we call life and respond to their needs. This group was established for Catholic parents of homosexual children and its ultimate goal was to remind them of the love God has not only for them but their children as well. The Church is here to minister to people on a journey, to accept them where they are and walk with them on a path that leads to God. Prejudice, bigotry, misunderstanding and misinformation are all stumbling blocks on that path. This group process sought to remove those stumbling blocks through the passing on of objective information from the social sciences, compassionate and with one another. The Church was no longer seen as a heartless condemning adversary but a vehicle of healing. Through the above, fears were relieved, anxiety levels reduced, concerns were responded to and the caring presence of Jesus was manifest among the participants of this group. 
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